Is this satellite service?
No. While both types of service use radio frequencies to send and receive data, our sites are local, meaning there’s less latency and faster speeds than typical satellite service.

How close to your sites do I have to be to get service?
It all depends on the line-of-site (view) between your location and our towers. We have customers located 10 to 15 miles away who have great service, while others only a few miles away may not be able to get service at all.

Does my computer need any special add-ons?

Can I share the Internet connection with other computers in my home?
Yes. We provide you with a whole home wifi service. Your desktop, phone, tablet or laptop computer then accesses the Internet using the router.

Is there a limit on how much data I can transfer?
No. We do not limit usage or data.

Will this internet support online gaming?
Yes, our wireless service does support online gaming. During peak usage, bad weather, etc there can be moments of slower performance. However, we’re constantly upgrading the network to increase both capacity and performance.

Does WISE WiFi allow BitTorrent?
WISE WiFi network does not actively filter any applications on our network. However, BitTorrent (and other peer-to-peer file sharing services) are “noisy” network applications that quickly deplete limited wireless resources, ultimately effecting the service of other customers. For that reason we do not support excessive BitTorrent usage, per our Acceptable Use Policy.

For a better and uninterrupted experience with Netflix.
We recommend that for each profile you navigate to “Your Account” and then choose “Playback Settings.” Under Playback Settings, choose “Auto.” This will allow the video quality to automatically adjust for continued viewing even during peak times.