WISE WiFi provides a complete partner solution for the hospitality industry. That includes but not limited to RV parks, hotels, motels, condos, apartments, marinas, coffee shops, restaurants and churches. We provide your business the flexibility, solid reliability and high service level of an established wireless internet management partner (Wi-Fi hotspot). No matter how small or big your business is we have you covered. Whether indoor or outdoor …

OUR SECURED wireless networks (Wi-Fi hotspot) provide your business with control over who can access the network and for how long. All connections are routed thru a captive portal verifying all logins and legally binding them to terms and conditions protecting all parties.

WISE WiFi can install, configure and maintain a wireless network (Wi-Fi hotspot) to cover your whole property with no hidden fees or maintenance charges at a great price. Let us show you how offering wireless internet (Wi-Fi hotspot) provided by WISE WiFi, can draw in additional revenue for your business today!

We put everything into one low rate.  Installation, equipment, upgrades, monitoring and toll-free support for your clients.  It’s all included in a price thee other guys can’t come close to.